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Joy of Dogsports

Joy of Dogsports - Cutie Tug Toy

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Dette skriver Joy of Dogsport om den kule leken Cutie Tug Toy, som er helt super for de minste, men ikke for små for de største:

The Cutie tug toy, made in Finland exclusively for SportsK9’s toy collection, is a wonderful, soft leather toy, perfect for playing with and training your dog. The Cutie toy is designed especially for smaller dogs and puppies. The extremely high-quality leather is tough and thick, so the whole toy can withstand wear and tear from biting and tugging.

The Cutie tug toys are handmade in Finland using genuine leather recovered from a local furniture factory. The toy is real leather inside and out and stuffed with leather scraps. The leather stuffing lends a nice weight to the ball, making it easier to throw as a reward.



The genuine leather used in Chewie & Cutie toys is leftover scraps from a Finnish furniture factory, Pohjanmaan Kaluste, which we then give new life as dog toys. Nothing is wasted: the toys are designed to make the best possible use of the leftover leather, and the remaining scraps are used inside the toys as stuffing. All the leather that we use is EU REACH certified, which means that the leather is toxin-free and that no hazardous substances have been used in processing it.

Because each toy is made by hand, the amount of filling and thus also the weight of the Chewie & Cutie may vary slightly.

Chewies & Cuties are 100% designed and handmade in Finland using genuine heavy-duty leather.


Cutie tug toy: size 17x7x2 cm, weight 100 g


Pass på å holde hunden under oppsyn med leken. Selv om den er badass, er den ikke udødelig

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